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Tips for Mastering English

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

  1. Listening to music in English doesn't help to improve your listening or speaking skills if you don't know about "reduction" in American English.

  2. You may have the best class, the best teacher, even the best course, but if you aren't in touch with the English language, it will be complicated for you to master the LINGUA FRANCA.

  3. Never translate idioms literally from your mother tongue to English. In most cases you have to understand the idea of the meaning to adapt it to English.

  4. English is not a phonetic language, because of this, you must remember that 99% of the words in English are never going to be pronounced as they are written.

  5. Seven out of 10 words in English come from Latin. This is the main reason why English is so difficult to pronounce, so, next time you think about this please blame the Latin language.

  6. Every time you see two consonants together in a word you must remember to eliminate the one on the left. By doing this you will start making use of "reduction" in American English.

  7. In order to understand and use Phrasal verbs, you must first understand the verb (first word) that works as the core of phrasal verbs.

  8. Listen to movies in English at home with subtitles in English, then listen in English with subtitles in your mother tongue. This way you will notice the difference between dubbing and subtitling, at the end, you will see why adaptation is important when translating from any language to English.

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