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Working at Open Space

The "CCG" system

We innovate the way of teaching through our "CCG" system (Compulsory Communicative Grammar), which allows our students to apply what they learn during their sessions to Real Life. This system was created and inspired by the European Education System, which encourages students from universities to learn three languages at the same time, while they are at school.

Using this system has allowed us to be the first option among others when choosing an English School. Thanks to our teaching system, we have had the opportunity to work with people from big companies. It is worth mentioning that at REA you will never find boring grammar or boring books.

Have you ever wondered why you can understand what people say but still, you cannot express your ideas? The answer is simple: most of the schools focus on teaching you a lot of grammar. However, they never say how to use it in real life. At REA this does not occur, as you are always going to use grammar in real life. You will feel like you are having a good conversation with a friend so that you are going to forget that you are learning English.

Don't hesitate, dare to learn the "lingua franca" in an innovative way which you will enjoy as much as you enjoy talking to your friends. We work 100% online classes, whether it is one-to-one or in group. You can be sure that you will always enjoy every single minute of your class.

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