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How are the classes done?

For our online English classes we use platforms such as Zoom and WhatsApp, or if you prefer you can do it at school (only for Puebla, Mexico).

Do you offer personalized classes or just group classes?

We offer one-to-one English classes, we also have group classes (5 students maximum).

Do I get any certificate at REA?

You get a certificate in English language issued by EF (Education First) after doing an exam online. If you want to obtain the TOEFL Certificate (Test on English Fluency) you must pay for this at your local Bank.

Do you offer a sample class?

If you want to know the method we use for our English online classes, and make sure that it meets your needs, you can ask us for a 30 minutes online free lesson.

Do you have flexible schedules?

We adapt our English classes online to your needs, so that you will always have a flexible schedule (depending on availability).

Are the classes taken 100% in English?

Yes, all the classes are taken 100% in English. If you feel you are not yet  prepared to have a session in English, we can communicate in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

How much does a session last?

For our English online classes, the minimum is a session of 1 hour.

How many sessions can I have per week?

For better results, we suggest to have 2 sessions per week. However, you can have as many as you want.

How do I pay for my classes?

You can pay for your classes using international transfer services, for example:

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