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At REA, we know what it takes to enhance our students' education. Our unique approach to learning and top-quality faculty makes REA more than an online English School, but a life experience. We can say our watchword "English For Real Life" comes true right when our students begin their first session.

Allow us to tell you about our founder. This is JJ - Mexican-American, he loves teaching, actually, more than teaching. He loves sharing his knowledge with all those who not only want to learn, but also desire to apply the English language from the first moment they commence to learn at REA.

We founded REA with one goal in mind - to give our students the best and most rewarding learning experience. Since 2016, REA has provided students with a rich and diverse learning environment.

REA is located in Puebla City, Mexico. Our passionate and quadrilingual Mexican American founder is always in the best mood to show you the correct path.

Are you ready to reach your potential?

As a native speaker, JJ has achieved the highest level of English. 

Check JJ's certification by clicking here.

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