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We were born in January 2016 with a simple idea in mind: "learning from our students while we were teaching them." It might sound strange to say that we wanted to learn from our students, but this is our reality.

We developed a unique system where our students don't feel like taking an English class.

It doesn't mean that you aren't going to learn any grammar, of course not, you will learn all the grammar, phonetics, tips and tricks that you need. The point is: you will learn in a fun way.

Everything is summed up in the following sentence: "We want to teach English the same way we wanted to learn it when we were English learners." So we came up with our "CCG system."   

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It has been a completely different experience to practice my English, because the method allows me to be comfortable during the classes. This is real useful to everyone who wants to improve English for real life.

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